Welcome to Kwiktrust, home of the SuperNFT. We use blockchain technology and patent pending protocols to make your NFTs, digital signing and e-validation easier and more secure. 

KTX Utility Token Launch

the countdown is on. Launch set for March 10, 2022 (12pm EST).








 The KwikTrust KTX ERC-20 utility token has been designed to form an integral part of the KwikTrust ecosystem.


A New Era of Security

Our Platform allows for easy, self-certified and third-party validation of files, with the results stored securely on a blockchain, creating an irrefutable record of activity. The KwikTrust solution is faster, simpler, more secure and less expensive than competitors.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Users can record, sign and validate contracts, accounts, invoices, references, qualifications, identities, intellectual property, video and audio files, and undertake know-your-client and anti-money laundering checks. Take a look at some of our incredible features.

KwikTrust Platform

Project creation, with user authentication and project access. Upload documents such as recording the origination of intellectual property. View hashes and validation details stored on Blockchain explorer.

Traffic Light Expiry Flags

Manage time sensitive files and internal as well as external file validators.


Hyperledger fabric permissioned Blockchain.

User Authentication

2FA, 30 second 6 digit token.

Storage Formats


API Integration

APIs & API documentation fully provided.

Regulated Integrated KYC & AML

ID & doc matching with ongoing PEPs checks & validation. FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS approved risk & regulatory approach Time stamped results recorded on irrefutable events record.

Meet The SuperNFT


The limitation with old-style NFTs is that they aren’t linked to the owner’s identity so they can be easily lost or stolen. This prevents people from storing higher value assets as NFTs.

Why? Because we don’t trust them enough. So how do we solve this problem? By combining the owner’s validated identity, together with validated proof of the creation of the asset, and locking them together into a SuperNFT.

KwikTrust’s, patent pending, SuperNFT uses blockchain technology to produce an irrefutable and permanent record of ownership, creating a fully transferable and tradeable asset, with a verifiable audit trail of activity. This opens-up whole new asset classes – financial securities and savings, share ownership, property and proof of ownership of physical assets, intellectual property and more.

Imagine the opportunities. The KwikTrust SuperNFT enables NFTs to reach their full potential.

Manage Your Documents with Ease

Smooth management

Manage time-sensitive files, like contracts that have an expiry date, with ease. KwikTrust’s intuitive dashboard with a built-in traffic-light system, file validator, and workflow notifications sends you a prompt when a contract is about to expire. Providing quick document health checks and helping you keep on top of files.

Save Time and Expense


Create collaborative workspaces which are safe and secure. Work with different organisations and clients with ease. For example, legal cases. Our easy-to-use platform allows parties to collate evidence and agree in advance that the record is true; ultimately saving time and expense for the courts. 

Tamper Proof

Irrefutable Records

KwikTrust provides a clear immutable audit trail for every document uploaded onto the KwikTrust platform. Making company records, such as shareholders’ register, shareholders agreement, or minutes of a board meeting, tamper-proof. 

Use Cases

Create Collaborative + Secure Work Environments

Create collaborative, secure digital working environments with full audit trail capabilities and tamper-proof file management, for working with business partners.

Record High Value Assets

 Record property deeds and other high-value assets by locking together the owner’s identity and proof of ownership into a transferable (patent pending) SuperNFT.

Make Tamper Proof Records

Make company records tamper-proof such as the shareholder’s register, a shareholders’ agreement, or minutes of a board meeting.

Onboard clients with Regulatory Compliance

Onboard clients in a regulatory compliant manner for legal, accounting, and professional
services businesses, from KYC through to working in a secure digital working environment, sharing
and granting privileged access to files.

Manage time-sensitive files online

Manage time-sensitive files online, like contracts that have an expiry date. KwikTrust will send
you a reminder when a contract is about to expire.

Collate evidence for a legal case

Collate evidence for a legal case so all parties agree in advance that the record is true, saving expense and time for the court

Send invoices to customers on KwikTrust

Send invoices to customers on KwikTrust to prevent fraudsters from intercepting emails and
changing bank details.

Record Covid data for individuals

Onboard clients in a regulatory compliant manner for legal, accounting, and professional
services businesses, from KYC through to working in a secure digital working environment, sharing
and granting privileged access to files.

Record proof of ownership of digital property

Record proof of ownership and origination of digital property, demonstrate provenance and authorship, and mint into a Super-NFT (patent pending) as a transferable asset; including



  • Intellectual Property, Designs, Computer Code and Digital Copyright
  • Digital Artworks, Music and Video
Record proof of ownership of assets

Record proof of ownership of physical and digital assets, demonstrate provenance, validate owner’s identity, and lock together into a Super-NFT as a secure transferable asset; including: 

  • Physical artworks, collectibles, wines, and precious metals
  • Car, boat and aircraft ownership
Manage supply chain relationships

Manage supply chain relationships more efficiently by assessing risks, carrying out due diligence and validating information, in order to create and maintain clean and trusted data.


Q1 2022

SuperNFT Takes Flight

Full build out of the SuperNFT functionality and public launch of the first official SuperNFT.

KwikTrust 2.0 Launch

Launch V2 of the app with new incredible new features set to take us to new heights. 

Incorporate KYC Module

Inclusion of Know-Your-Client, and Anti-Money Laundering checks; Making your due diligence that much smoother. 

Launch Strategic Round 2 Token Sale

The hype is real, and here is your chance to be part of it all. 

Token Generation Event

Get ready for KTX! TGE and IDO Launch coming early Q1. Join our Telegram for the latest updates. 

SuperNFT Official Launch

Watch the SuperNFT fly as we launch phase 1- Minting of SuperNFT assets on the KwikTrust platform. Possibilities include (but are not limited to), 

1. Creative works

2. Creative designs 

3. Industrial designs

4. Code

5. Research

6. Data

7. Digitally signed documents

8. Degree certification

9. Property deeds

10. Financial assets

Q2 2022

User Dashboard Creation

Build of user dashboard for token purchase, staking, and wallets. 

KwikTrust Protocol Launchpad and Sanbox

s to new heights.

SuperNFT Cross Platform and Bridges

The next phase of the SuperNFT journey.

SuperNFT as Collateral Assets
  • IP Contract
  • Asset-backed SuperNFT 
  • SuperNFT as financial collateral 
Artificial Intelligence Module

Artificial Intelligence to detect signatories

Tradeable SuperNFT


“As a financial and a production accountant working in the film industry, I work in regulated activities dealing with payroll, insurance and contracts. A large number of files have to be secured and shared, which is a concern when I have to give third parties access to folders. This is a better solution than anything else I’ve used as the files can’t be tampered with.”

Fiona Watson



Simon Read CEO KwikTrust

Simon Read


University of Oxford, Blockchain Strategy Programme. A judge and mentor for the Deutsche Bank-sponsored We In Social Tech accelerator, and government-backed Start Scale Grow programmes. Business advisor and Director of a global media business.

Yasir Qayam Kwiktrust COO

Yasir Qayam


University of Oxford, Blockchain Strategy Programme. Project management and product development expertise, APM – Project Management Qualifications, BEng Queen Mary University.

Christina Ashley CMO KwikTrust

Christina Ashley


Results-driven strategic marketer with a passion for digital-led business models and market disruption. Experience with blockchain enterprises, SaaS startups, and AWS partner marketing programs.

Paul Morgan Kwiktrust CTO

Paul Morgan


Formerly of Microsoft and Barclays, a blockchain enterprise architect & specialist in blockchain software solutions, distributed ledger technologies, digital apps, digital exchanges, digital wallets,
cryptocurrencies, & smart contract audits. Successfully built and launched several DeFi projects and utility tokens.

Hassam Khawaja CFO KwikTrust Profile

Hassam Khawaja


Experienced in quantitative research, market research & financial analysis. Formerly at JLT plc in group tax. First-class bachelors in Finance & Accounting (Anglia Ruskin University). MSc International Finance (London SouthBank University) & MBA holder (University of Wales).

Nick Spiller Head of Product Design KwikTrust

Nick Spiller

Head of Design

Hands-on product leader, who’s previously held senior director roles in various Fintech startups, FTSE 100 companies, and Crypto unicorns. Has scaled and sold his previous business. Qualifications in user experience
and behavioural psychology.

Owais Shaikh Head of Legal KwikTrust

Owais Shaikh

Head of Legal

Intellectual property specialist with 15 years of professional experience. He advises on both IP law and management as well as innovation & competition Strategy. He holds a Ph.D. and an LLM in IP law. He has also Tutored for the “Intellectual Property Management” course at the World Intellectual Property Academy since 2015.

Renaldo Da Costa Legal Affairs KwikTrust

Renaldo Da Costa

Legal Affairs Manager

Solicitor in England and Wales, Graduate of BPP Law School and Newcastle University, and completed training contract at Lisa’s Law in London. Legal intern and experience at AIA Group and Debevoise and Plimpton. Blockchain enthusiast and Hong Kong national.


Peter Longworth KwikTrust Advisor

Peter Longworth


Founder and CEO of Asset Labs, a blockchain development and advisory company building iTrust. An advisor to, and investor in, various blockchain and DeFi projects, with 20 years of experience in traditional finance with HSBC and Citi Bank.

Delia Sabau KwikTrust Advisor

Delia Sabau


20 years of experience working in the world’s leading financial services
firms, and managed global investments with in-depth industry expertise,
quantitative investment research, and cutting-edge technology experience. MBA from University of California, Berkeley and University of Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme.

Artur Pszczoikowski KwikTrust Advisor

Artur Pszczoikowski


Managed digital activities at a Swiss-based global corporation with an annual turnover of more than $4 Billion. Extensive networks in Poland, UK & Switzerland (Crypto Valley). Expertise in business analysis & marketing strategies for blockchain projects. Oxford University Blockchain Strategy Program. Christie’s NFTs for Experts 2021.


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